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Accounting The Shekinah Group LLC Shonnette Sullivan
Graphic Design WSJR Innovative Solutions Wardell Sims JR
Web Design InfoTechDesign LLC Fred Laxton
Consulting Greenville Area Small Business Center Earl Gregorich
Real Estate The Amputee Investor Myles Berrio
Accelerator Programs Starkes Realty Personal Development
Funding Community Works LaTorrie Geer
Marketing Patrick Kirby Patrick Kirby
Community Connections Ajay’s Social and Cocktail Anthony Gladney

The Shekinah Group LLC

Shonnette Sullivan


WSJR Innovative Solutions

Graphics/Website Design
Wardell Sims JR


Greenville Area Small Business Center

Earl Gregorich


The Amputee Investor

Real Estate
Myles Berrio 


Starkes Realty

Accelerator Programs
LeRhonda Triplett


Evolutionary Media LLC

Social Media Management
Breeaunna Hall


Community Works

LaTorrie Geer


Armstrong International Media LLC

App Design/Marketing
April Armstrong